We will remember

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A special ANZAC song composed by Finella Loch on the commemoration of the centenary to the firsts ANZACS to honour all the ANZACS including her father Mr. William Joseph Loch, a veteran of WWII.


The story of “We will remember” – by Finella Loch
“We will remember” Music Sheet – composed by Finella Loch

Recording of “We will remember”

Performed by A-Choired Taste – Scenic Rim Community Choir
Piano accompaniment – played by Hilary Watson

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Copyright statement and funding acknowledgement

Composed by Finella Loch and sung by A-Choired Taste, Scenic Rim Community Choir Ass. Inc. This webpage, the song sheets and accompanying music is made freely available for not-for-profit use by Finella Loch and A-Choired-Taste, the Scenic Rim Community Choir with from funds provided by the Australian Government under the Anzac Centenary Local Grants Program.

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