Performing in concert with Harry Manx

We occasionally perform at community events such as ANZAC Day, Christmas Carols, festivals and fetes. See us in action. If the thought of performing terrifies you – that’s okay – not everyone performs – you’re still most welcome.

  • All performances require significant preparation time by the choir and choir leader.
  • We need to be sure our leader and enough of the right voices are available.
  • We need at the least three weeks notice to consider and respond to a request and usually about six weeks of rehearsals to be ready.
  • Performances involving songs from our repertoire (ones we know quite well) might be easier to say yes to.
  • Performance of new or unfamiliar songs will normally require more than six week of rehearsal time.
  • It may also first require the sourcing of appropriate songs sheets and sometimes accessing or buying the accompanying music.

Contact A-Choired Taste in good time to ask whether we can perform at your event.

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